Adventures in BLE Beacons, Day 5

After today's monologue on the state of things, I managed to get some hardware work in tonight --- including breaking out the soldering iron.

workbench with random boards

I got my Adafruit and Sparkfun packages today and managed to

  • solder headers on the Adalogger Featherwing and my two feathers
  • dig up an SD card and CR1220 battery for the Adalogger
  • in the process, found my old TECS work from my Africa deployment --- alongside an old picture of me with some French marines on a desert warfare and survival course
  • initialise the RTC with the current date and time
  • verify the SD card

So now, I've got an additional couple of functions in the sketch to append a timestamp and supposed battery level to a logfile. The only problem is that I'm not getting a good voltage level, just a zero. I'm going to let the sketch run overnight anyways as the timestamps will give me a baseline run time idea for the radio usage.

The current sketch is here.

Here we go!

starting the sketch on the battery

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