Once again, it's been a while. I've been working on some personal stuff; namely, getting back into the swing of waking up at 4 AM. Also, guitars. And banjo. And outdoors kind of stuff.

However, I'm going to prioritise my lines of effort along three fronts:

  1. Physical computing - e.g. the sensor network and so forth. I'm going to start by digging up my old LPC810 starter kit and working through the jeebook.

  2. Quantum computing - working through Quantum Computing for Computer Scientists; I've finished section 2.2, which covers the formal definitions of complex vector spaces. Getting through the math prereqs is proving slow.

  3. Math for Machine Learning - I fell off the bandwagon for this (again), but I'm on week 4 and i just need to power through.

I've got Trello tasks for the next steps in each of these, and I'll try to use that to keep up on it.

I've got some more technical challenges coming up on the horizon that I'll cover as I get to them.

I really need to write more code; I'm worried that my coding skills are lapsing.